About Us

The Scandinavian Heritage Society of Kentucky exists to create fellowship to those with a connection to Scandinavia. Whether you’re a descendent of a Norwegian immigrant, a Danish exchange student or an expatriate Swede or just someone with an interest in Finland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark or Sweden, you’re welcome to join us at our meetings.

Check out our Calendar of Events for more information on when and where the society meets. We hope to see you there!


SHSKY History (2005) – This is a really fun look at our society’s history. It was created as a slideshow in 2005 by the Blomquists for the 25th anniversary of the society and presented at Spindletop for the Fall Banquet, and contains a lot of pictures from “the old days”. The file is rather large at nearly 10MB, but it’s worth the wait!

SHSKY Articles of Incorporation – June 1999

SHSKY By Laws – 1999